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About Us

Our Story

The Founder of Radiant Journey, Kay Walsmith started out more than 10 years ago by taking a health and wellness the main focus. Offering retreats that were designed to inspire, uplift, educate and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit by learning and reconnecting to what empowers true health, wellness that results in vibrant, energetic and amazing results and transformation.


Since then, Radiant Journey Wellness Studio opened in September 2022.  A lot of time and careful planning went into the selection of state of the art therapies that enhance the physical, emotional and/or spiritual aspect of each of our clients.  Organic and natural retail products such as essential oils, skincare products, organic herbal remedies, teas and nutritional drinks, supplements, books, and other resources as well as many other items are offered in our retail area.  


The addition of workshops and programs taught by skilled, experienced practitioners to provide essential tools for self- discovery and self-care to help folks towards an energetic, increased sense of well-being plus having greater joy and happiness will be offered in 2023. Our workshops are focused on connection and growth along with providing tools and education to incorporate into your daily life for optimal wellbeing. It is our sincere hope that all will enjoy and benefit from everything we have to offer.


At Radiant Journey Wellness Studio, our team believes in supporting the whole person with connecting mind-body modalities, therapies, products and workshops designed for transformative wellbeing and to support your healthy lifestyle. We customize the way we help people based upon their individualized needs. Our goal is to bring your mind & body to a state of balance where it can begin to heal itself. It is our hope to reach out and connect with as many folks as possible in search of a healthy holistic lifestyle and bring harmony and balance to each of you.  One cannot be radiant and truly healthy without addressing ALL of these areas in your life!

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