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HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration

Experience the scientifically supported benefits and improve your health with Whole-body Vibration Therapy – high intensity results with low-intensity effort. The benefits of the HyperVibe at Radiant Journey Wellness Studio include, reduced stress, looking and feeling younger, increased muscle power, energy and fat-burning, stronger bones, better agility, improved flexibility, feeling more energetic and enthusiastic and more!

Whole body vibration offers unique benefits in every part of fitness from the warm-up to rest and recovery. Experience the scientifically supported benefits of Whole-body Vibration Therapy delivering high-intensity results with low-intensity effort. Improve your health using innovative technologies and low impact training and enjoy the 'touchscreen-training' with 40x Therapist Designed Programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. ​

10-min Session - $15   20-min  Session - $25  30-min  Session - $35

Please call 830-850-0330 to schedule or Book Online here.

High Intensity Results with Low-Intensity Effort!

HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration Benefits:

 Enhanced Vitality & Wellbeing

Increased Energy & Fat-Burning

Reduced Body Fat & Weight 

Reduced Stress 

Increased Life Energy

Increased Muscle Power

Better Posture

Improved Flexibility & Agility

Looking & Feeling Younger

Stronger Muscles, Joints and Bones

HyperVibe Benefits
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HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration Features:


HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration safely and comfortably delivers stimulation to your body that:

  • Feels good – this is the first key to why people tell us they are more inclined to do Hypervibe than any other kind of exercise.

  • Only requires a few minutes to be effective – Imagine performing 10,000 muscle contractions in only 10-minutes. A HyperVibe machine is unique in that it can provide a training stimulus ranging from a gentle 1G of gravitational load right up to an intense 17G or 17 times Earth's gravity. 10-minutes is enough time to quickly warm-up your whole body, exercise the areas you want to improve, then cool down. Depending on the goal your HyperVibe workout may only require a few minutes each session.

  • The LED display and software program - gives you access to over 40 physical therapy based programs with video tutorials showing you how to properly do the exercise. It also sets the frequency and the time for you. It’s like having a personal trainer right there with you!

HyperVibe Features
  • Doesn´t require much movement – if your joints feel uncomfortable in a certain position, simply remain in a position that is comfortable; the machine will still stimulate your muscles, bones and circulation.

  • Is safer than other forms of exercise – Safe and enjoyable for all ages. You don´t have to lift weights, run or jump around which eliminates the main risk factors for injury.

  • Can be easily controlled – when it feels comfortable, with a push of a button or by changing body position you progress to a higher intensity to increase your results.

  • Frequency  of vibration spectrum - a wide range on the vibration spectrum, from 5-35 HZ. This wide range allows for a multitude of health benefits. At the lowest level, the vibration frequency the Hypervibe generates will be low enough to perform effective lymphatic drainage. At the highest level, it will generate a tremendous G-force, leading to an intense and incredibly effective workout.

HyperVibe Explained Videos

HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration Videos