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HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration

Experience the scientifically supported benefits and improve your health with Whole-body Vibration Therapy – high intensity results with low-intensity effort. The benefits of the HyperVibe at Radiant Journey Wellness Studio include, reduced stress, looking and feeling younger, increased muscle power, energy and fat-burning, stronger bones, better agility, improved flexibility, feeling more energetic and enthusiastic and more!

Whole body vibration offers unique benefits in every part of fitness from the warm-up to rest and recovery. Experience the scientifically supported benefits of Whole-body Vibration Therapy delivering high-intensity results with low-intensity effort. Improve your health using innovative technologies and low impact training and enjoy the 'touchscreen-training' with 40x Therapist Designed Programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. ​

10-min Session - $15   20-min  Session - $25  30-min  Session - $35

Please call 830-850-0330 to schedule or Book Online here.

High Intensity Results with Low-Intensity Effort!

HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration Benefits:

 Enhanced Vitality & Wellbeing

Increased Energy & Fat-Burning

Reduced Body Fat & Weight 

Reduced Stress 

Increased Life Energy

Increased Muscle Power

Better Posture

Improved Flexibility & Agility

Looking & Feeling Younger

Stronger Muscles, Joints and Bones

HyperVibe Benefits
HyperVibe display.jpg

HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration Features:


HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration safely and comfortably delivers stimulation to your body that:

  • Feels good – this is the first key to why people tell us they are more inclined to do Hypervibe than any other kind of exercise.

  • Only requires a few minutes to be effective – Imagine performing 10,000 muscle contractions in only 10-minutes. A HyperVibe machine is unique in that it can provide a training stimulus ranging from a gentle 1G of gravitational load right up to an intense 17G or 17 times Earth's gravity. 10-minutes is enough time to quickly warm-up your whole body, exercise the areas you want to improve, then cool down. Depending on the goal your HyperVibe workout may only require a few minutes each session.

  • The LED display and software program - gives you access to over 40 physical therapy based programs with video tutorials showing you how to properly do the exercise. It also sets the frequency and the time for you. It’s like having a personal trainer right there with you!

HyperVibe Features
  • Doesn´t require much movement – if your joints feel uncomfortable in a certain position, simply remain in a position that is comfortable; the machine will still stimulate your muscles, bones and circulation.

  • Is safer than other forms of exercise – Safe and enjoyable for all ages. You don´t have to lift weights, run or jump around which eliminates the main risk factors for injury.

  • Can be easily controlled – when it feels comfortable, with a push of a button or by changing body position you progress to a higher intensity to increase your results.

  • Frequency  of vibration spectrum - a wide range on the vibration spectrum, from 5-35 HZ. This wide range allows for a multitude of health benefits. At the lowest level, the vibration frequency the Hypervibe generates will be low enough to perform effective lymphatic drainage. At the highest level, it will generate a tremendous G-force, leading to an intense and incredibly effective workout.

HyperVibe Explained Videos

HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration Videos

HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration Explained

HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration Explained

HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration Explained
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Vitamin G - How Whole Body Vibration Exercise Works

Vitamin G - How Whole Body Vibration Exercise Works

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HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration G Force Explainer

HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration G Force Explainer

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HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration - Plane of Motion Explainer

HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration - Plane of Motion Explainer

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How Whole Body Vibration Works On the Body

The vibrating platform moves you up and down, a few millimeters at a time with carrying speeds. As it does this there are three main effects on your body.

Image by Kelly Sikkema


One way your body responds to increased Gravity is by increasing muscle strength and tone. Israeli researchers showed this when they had subjects do 2 minutes of vibration exercise with 23G of Gravity (23 times Earth´s Gravity) three times a week and compared that to a control group doing the same exercises without vibration. After 3 weeks the control group increased strength by 16% – the vibration exercise group increased strength by an incredible 49.8%

Elderly Couple Running Together


The rapid up/down movement with a subsequent increase/decrease of G-force creates waves of movement through the soft tissues of your body. In slow motion you can actually see the skin and muscles ripple like water. This ripple spreads from the point of contact throughout the body. This increases the flow of fluids like blood and lymph which speeds up recovery while helping to keep swelling under control. As these fluids vibrate, heat is generated which quickly warms up your joints and muscles making movement easier and more comfortable; similar to having a massage

Muscle Ups


The platform movement causes repetitive bending and straightening of your joints. As the muscles attached to them quickly stretch it results in strong reflex muscle contractions. You´ve seen this happen when someone taps below your knee cap causing your leg to jerk forward. The heightened nerve and muscle activity results in a number of benefits such as: Increased muscle power – power is the ability to generate force quickly and is essential for sports involving sprinting, jumping or power lifting events like Strongman and Cross Fit. The rapid muscle contractions created by vibration training develop increased muscle power. Less time training means more time eating and recovering. Reduced warm-up time – exercising muscles burn up fats and sugars releasing heat. This increase in heat makes movement more comfortable and reduces risk of injury. A good preparation for other activities that can be done quickly. Increased energy – regularly making the muscles do work increases metabolism and stimulates brain activity associated with feeling good. The result is that you not only feel more energetic, you have more energy to do the things you want. Stronger bones – the combination of increased muscle force pulling on bones with the increase in lymph and blood flowing through them results in bones becoming stronger. Better agility – vibration training is well known for increasing balance which when combined with more muscle power makes you more agile. Improved flexibility – 18 sessions of vibration training with 17G resulted in a 58% increase in hamstring flexibility. Each session took only 3 minutes.

How It Works

HyperVibe Whole Body Vibration Programs

Active Aging, Weight Loss & Fitness, Women’s Health & Beauty, Performance & Recovery, Relieve & Revive.

The HyperVibe G17 provides over 40 physical therapy based programs with video tutorials showing you how to properly do the exercise. Within each program, there are multiple workouts you can choose from. Each workout puts together different exercises ranging from 4-37 minutes and can be Low, Medium or High Intensity depending on your needs. This is quite useful for new users to vibration training as you can follow exactly on the screen what you should be doing, where you should be standing and not have to worry about changing with the frequency setting. The machine will automatically adjust these for you so all you need to worry about is perfect your form!

In addition, we provide workout accessories - blocks, pads, bands, stabilizing bar, cables and more to enhance and perform all workouts in the programs or to customize your workouts. 

HypeVibe Programs


Like any other fitness machine, a Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration plate may not be safe for certain categories of users, such as people with recent metallic implants, those with recent fractures, people with acute inflammatory conditions or patients with kidney stones or epilepsy. If other concerns exist we recommend you consult a health professional before using the machine. These conditions represent general contraindications for vibration workouts and you should ask for your physician’s advice before engaging in a vibration training program if you suffer from any of the mentioned conditions. Also, make sure to ask for your physician’s advice if you’re pregnant and planning to use a vibration plate for exercise, massage or lymphatic drainage. At the moment there isn’t enough research to support the use of vibration platform therapy or training in pregnant women, so we don’t encourage you to do WBV exercises if you are expecting a baby.

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