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Cocoon Fitness Pod

The Pod is a luxurious, full-body massage, exercise system, and adjustable infrared & dry heat sauna, designed inside a personal pod. Includes optional aromatherapy, negative ions and a cooling face fan.  In the Pod, you will experience an individualized wellness experience designed to help you relax and manage stress, give your body a recovery through heat and massage, boost your mental acuity, healthy weight management and much more. 

The Cocoon Infrared Sauna Pod provides the ultimate relaxation and wellness therapy by using a dual dry heat and infrared multisensory sauna system. The Cocoon combines both dry heat and infrared heat with vibratory massage, aromatherapy, and salt air for the ultimate body transformation and relaxation experience. The ultimate complement for all fitness levels & weight management programs • Workout benefits for everyone with high-heat wellness technology • Manage weight, slim, firm & tone • Deep heat sweat helps burn more calories • Ultra-relaxing massage for post-workout recovery • Fast & effective results

30-min Cocoon Pod Session - $40

30-min Elite Cocoon Pod Session - $50

(The Elite Pod session includes a single application of  SuperSweat cream and a disposable sauna suit to enhance sweating and holistic cleansing. )

Please call 830-850-0330 to schedule or Book Online here.

Better Fitness. Better Wellness. Better Life. 

Cocoon Fitness Pod Benefits:

 Enhanced Vitality & Wellbeing

Healthy Weight Management

Increased Life Energy

Detoxification Support

Promotes Growth of New Brain Cells

Reduced Body Discomfort

Stress Reduction

Accelerates Healing Process

Improved Sleep Quality

Mental Acuity, Focus & Concentration

Cocoon Fitness Pod Benefits
Cocoon Fitness Pod Video