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Massage Therapy 

Regular massage is so much more than a luxury.  It’s a necessity for everyone. We offer several types of massage treatments to relax, renew, rejuvenate and escape the stresses of everyday life. Each massage can be customized with a variety of enhancements to suit your unique needs.

Call 830-850-0330 to schedule a massage therapy session with Allison May, LMT.  

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Reduced Pain & Inflammation

Enhance Exercise Performance

Relieves Stress & Anxiety

Promote Relaxation

Reduce Muscle Tension

Increase Range of Motion


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Massage Therapy Services

Choose a wellness, pre-natal, sports or lymphatic drainage massage and as an option to uplevel your massage therapy session, add an enhancement from the menu below.

Please call 830-850-0330 to schedule or Book Online here.

Welllness Massage 

This massage is custom tailored to your specific wants and needs.  Whether you want to relax and unwind , need specific targeted techniques done to work towards fixing a problem or a combination of both, we’ve got your back. This massage includes Aromatherapy and Hot Towels to add a little boost to your time.

60 Minutes  $95   90 Minutes $135

Sports Massage 

Deep, Focused work that includes deep tissue techniques and stretching.  This massage is designed to increase range of motion and mobility in order to boost athletic performance.  Try adding on Cupping for a really therapeutic session.               

60 Minute -  $115       90 Minutes - $145 

Pre-Natal Massage 

What mother-to-be doesn’t want her aches and pains to go away?  This is the perfect chance for expecting mothers to take some time to care for herself before baby comes.     


60 Minutes-$95     90 Minutes-$130  

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

This service is a minimum of 90 Minutes due to the  very slow, light and deliberate nature of the process.   Lymphatic Massage is great for pre and post op patients, people who have been ill and need a boost for detoxification and everyone in between.  This highly beneficial service includes dry brushing, hot towels and aromatherapy. 

 90 minutes - $150    2 Hours  -  $200

Massage Enhancements

10 More Minutes Please

Add 10 more minutes to any basic service because who doesn’t want 10 more minutes of massage?    


Quiet Time

After your service we cover you with a weighted blanket so you are safe, snug and secure before we leave the room so you can bask in the massage glow without rushing back into the real world.  Take this time to meditate, nap or just relax.  We will knock before we come back in to gently wake you.   *This is a pre-book service only as we don’t want to interrupt our other clients massage times.

15 minutes - $20           20 minutes - $25           30 minutes - $35           

CBD Massage

CBD and Hemp oils have been scientifically proven to help with pain relief, relaxation and general well being.  Add our specially selected CBD oil to any service and reap the benefits.      


Hot Stone Massage Enhancement

Hot Stones paired with relaxing massage techniques penetrate deep into the muscles to bring fresh blood to tired, achy muscles leaving you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.     

One area   $30   Full Body $50


Our natural salt scrub exfoliates away dead, dry skin. Hot towels relax you and a massage with our nourishing organic skin cream will make your skin feel new, refreshed and smooth. 

Back, Hand or Foot Exfoliation  $25 each 

Cupping Massage 

Modern tools combined with Ancient Chinese techniques produce an incredible way to remove toxins and stagnant blood while promoting fresh blood circulation into the muscles.  On top of that this service helps break up and release compacted fascia which in turn can Increase range of motion and decrease pain. 


Energy Work 

Black Pearl Sanctuary

During your massage, we incorporate this Deeply relaxing technique of holding specific neurovascular points on the head, designed to bring a stressed hypothalamus (endocrine gland in the brain designed to help maintain homeostasis) back into a relaxed and productive state.


Brazilian Toe Touch

During your massage, we use this deeply relaxing technique of holding meridian beginning and end points on the feet in a specific pattern.  Designed to stimulate flow of energy through the body and between the meridians.



During your massage, we incorporate holding or stimulating specific points and areas on the feet to help bring energy to the organs and areas of the body they are connected to.      


Massage Therapy Membership
Foot Massage

Meet Allison May, LMT

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I have been licensed massage therapist offering  massage therapy services to my clients for over three years.

Each massage is customized to fit your unique needs, using a blend of Swedish, Therapeutic and Deep Tissue techniques.

I look forward to seeing you!

Allison May, LMT

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Meet Allison May, LMT
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