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Kay Walsmith

Kay’s recent mission to offer holistic wellness retreats evolved from her passions, her love of people, and her desire to share the experience of learning how to integrate self-discovery, self-care, and healing of our mind, body and spirits, while unplugging from our hectic, and often times, stressful world. As a young child, she experienced the healing benefits of natural and spiritual remedies from her grandmother, which lead to a passion to become a lifelong student of holistic approach to all things in life. This passion has led her to become a Transformational Life Coach and Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, Holistic Nutrition Coach and Level I, II and III of Mastery of Energy Healing and has allowed her to continue on the path of making a positive difference in others’ lives.


Kay, along with Eva Gold and Susan Delancey, created Radiant Journey Retreats. The power of healing comes from immersing ones self in day after day of living a healthy life style.  They are committed to providing a sanctuary where people can come from all over the world to revive their connection to self, make like-minded friends, and leave feeling renewed and empowered on their continued life journey of true joy, health, and wellbeing. They have a vision, desire and passion to offer an ever-evolving, safe, and healthy environment for others in which to renew, rejuvenate, and emerge with tools focused on self-care and self-discovery via classes and workshops presented by themselves as well as invited professional practitioners and facilitators.

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