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  • What is a GEMS Immersion Retreat?
    A Holistic Retreat for 7 nights / 8 days that includes accommodations, meals, snacks, workshops, classes, activities, supplies and various materials, to support a commitment to makes changes in your life and help you focus entirely on yourself. When one immerses oneself in a retreat that feeds their body, mind and soul, one doesn’t get distracted by interruptions and disruptions of day-to-day routines. GEMS programs are designed to provide you with an environment, education and hands on practice to support your need for change in your life! You will be able to experience living from your center and become deeply grounded with forces of the universe that surrounds you. You will know how to rebalance and come back to yourself under any circumstances. As you connect to the core of your being you will experience energies of love, health and joy.
  • What will you experience at GEMS™ All-Inclusive Immersion Retreat?
    GEMS is the place where you refocus to find your invincible you, where you wake up to your original nature full of vibrancy, vitality and imagination. You will meet and connect with others on the same journey who are also seeking transformational skills to live their life with high purpose. GEMS All-Inclusive Immersion Retreats™ were designed with focus to help you recalibrate life back to wellness to live every day thriving emotionally, mentally and physically. There is an energy connection to everything in life because YOU are energy! The variety of workshops, classes and activities in each GEMS retreat will teach you how to think and feel energetically so you can make better decisions for your life’s journey. What you learn from GEMS can also serve your family and friends, as you will be the one who shares the wellness skills with them. You will learn how to understand information that introduces you to learning and practicing many skills and techniques of wellness that are not commonly know or practiced, however, it will give the greatest benefit to understanding the mind, body and spirit in order to discover who you are authentically, what you want in life, and experience more joy, love and peace! This is an interactive program with instant feedback from your body and your instructors. You are going to wake up to your own potential you forgot you have or were never shown before. In a Holistic Program for self care and self discovery. You will leave your retreat feeling revitalized, rested, and renewed by learning and applying new skills, healing techniques, self-discovery and connecting with your authentic self!
  • What should I expect to achieve?
    Enhanced: Mental clarity and concentration Performance and productivity Inner joy percolating from within Decreased mind chatter and better sleep Graceful aging process- radiant skin, bright eyes, less aches and more Creative awakening Flexibility Emotional stability Peaceful attitude
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