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Health ~  Vitality ~  Joy ~ Connection ~ Transformation

Based on many years of experience in health and wellness, certified holistic health practitioners  practices evolved into Radiant Journey Self-Discovery Project, dedicated to helping others transform and live their best, healthiest lives.


They have co-created an extraordinary program for those 55 +, that address everyday life and health challenges, teaching simple skills and techniques that can be implemented into daily lives for lifelong enhancement of health, vitality, joy and wellbeing.

Founders / Facilitators

Kay Walsmith
Radiant Journey Retreats, Co-Founder
EEM Certified Practitioner
Transformational Life Coach
Holistic Nutrition Coach
Level 1, 2 & 3 Mastery of Energy Healing 

Kay’s recent mission to offer holistic wellness education evolved from her passions, her love of people, and her desire to share the experience of learning how to integrate self-discovery, self-care, and healing of our mind, body and spirits, while unplugging from our hectic, and often times, stressful world. As a young child, she experienced the healing benefits of natural and spiritual remedies from her grandmother, which lead to a passion to become a lifelong student of holistic approach to all things in life. This passion has led her to become a Transformational Life Coach and Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, Holistic Nutrition Coach and Level I, II and III of Mastery of Energy Healing and has allowed her to continue on the path of making a positive difference in others’ lives.

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Radiant Journey Retreats Co-Founder
Advanced Eden Energy Medicine therapist
Authorized Energy Medicine for Women instructor
Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program Faculty Member
Licensed Natural Health and Medical Qi-gong Practitioner
Clinical Aromatherapist

Eva Gold (CNHP, EEM-AP) is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, and Faculty Member of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program in the U.S.. She teaches in all four levels of the program and sets up multiple circles of training in Canada. She is also a Licensed Natural Health and Medical Qi-gong Practitioner, Reflexologist, and a Clinical Aromatherapist. She is also trained in Bach Flowers, herbs and nutrition.


In addition to her full time Eden Energy Medicine practice in Toronto, ON, Eva has been traveling throughout Asia, Canada, Europe and the United States for the last 11 years, delivering wellness workshops and sharing EEM techniques to give people agency in their own health and well-being. She also organizes EEM practice hubs for students who wish to deepen their EEM skills. Her clients and students have an easy access to videos recorded in support of their self care and balance.


Susan DeLancey
Radiant Journey Event Coordinator
Social Media Manager / Web Master
Isagenix Independent Consultant
Healing Touch Level 3 

Susan is Kay and Eva's right hand in planning and development, event coordination, website management, social media and marketing for Radiant Journey. She has been in the healthcare field in both allopathic and alternative & complementary medicine for over 15 years, in a variety of roles and settings.

Susan wholeheartedly believes in, and is passionate about, a holistic approach to wellbeing.  She values the importance of maintaining good health through alternative and complementary medicine, particularly after experiencing her own serious illness which she is now conquering with these methods and lifestyle changes.  Through the years, she has acquired extensive knowledge and skills through her own interests & passions, education, career, and life experiences, and she is dedicated to connecting and sharing this knowledge with others, empowering and supporting their choices in achieving optimal health and well being through holistic practices and lifestyle.

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